Post Super-Bowl Round Up, From One Who Cares Not

  • Four Shillings Short was in town, as Mr Tuerff reported to us – almost too late – so we went to see them, because they are amazing musicians, and great people as well.  Afterward we retired to Seamus McCaffrey’s for pub food. The game wasn’t officially over, but the Packers had it wrapped up late in the 4th quarter. I was aimed at a TV with a really shaky digital decoder, so it was more fun watching the psychedelic effects as the decoder failed to keep up with the signal, than watching the actual football game.
  • By the way, it is completely freakin’ insane that the Green Bay Packers are the only team in American professional sports who are owned by the community. I say all pro sports teams should be owned by shareholders in the community.
  • I had a MonkeyServants comic written but not drawn for the occasion. Real Life and the Day Job caused it to remain undrawn, so it is in the bin for next year.
  • Best Poll award to James Nicoll, who posted the following poll on his LiveJournal:

    Who do you favor in the Superbowl?


    In case you missed the joke here: two real teams, one plays hockey, the other proper football, what we North American heathens refer to as “soccer”.

  • That is all.
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