Up Goer Five

So: A little while ago, Randall Munroe posted an xkcd cartoon called “Up Goer Five“, which is a diagram of the Apollo/Saturn V stack, annotated using only the thousand most common words in current English.

Inspired by that, Theo Sanderson wrote an online text editor which warns you when you are using a word that is not in the thousand most common list.

Inspired by that, I have begun to revise my resume. I work with Oracle databases. Or simplified:

I make computers do things, like keep big tables of who has to pay money to the place I work. The tables are kept on computers that only keep tables. I make those computers work as fast as they can so the other computers that read the tables can do their work quickly. Once a day I make my computers do new things or fix things that are broken. Other people send me new or fixed things for the computers to do. I put the new things on the computer in the right order so it all works.

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