This is a blog where I’ll maintain links to whatever I’m interested in at the moment. I am quite the magpie.

By trade I am an Oracle database guru developer.

By avocation, in no particular order:
Actor :: Artist :: Calligrapher :: Kayaker :: Blogger :: Ham (as in radio) :: Singer (when necessary) :: Songwriter :: Part-time Werewolf (retired) :: Siege Weapon crewman :: Elvis (retired (for college credit (twice!!))) :: Search and Rescue crewman (retired) :: Diver :: Tourist :: Cannon crewman :: Crossbowman :: Writer :: Special-Effects Guru :: Special Visual Effects Guru (there is a difference) :: Secret Master of Fandom (retired, thank Ghu (though my past has come back to haunt me) :: Wiseass :: Sage :: Funny-Looking Cat

There’s also a backup of Villagers with Pitchforks, though I’m planning to move that to its own space.

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