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I think we’re gonna join the rest of Merrica and spend a few hours eating pizza in front of the telly and watching two teams of armored folks battle over yards of territory. Then the prologue to Lord of the Rings will be over, and we’ll be back in the Shire for a while – the pre-restoration Shire, mind you – none of this new-fangled olde-time touristy construction [footnote 1].

By which I mean The Fellowship of the Ring. If a team I remotely cared about were in the Super Bowl, or if they were playing, say, outdoors in a blizzard the way Merrican football is meant to be played, then I might look in for a couple minutes on that other spectacle, whose very name I shall not utter here, as it is a Registered Trademark and I am not an Official Licensee.

In other news, Mr Imahara of the Mythbusters reports that having four medical staples in his forehead [footnote 2] will not set off metal detectors. To which I reply, “Indeed, but which metal detector will it not set off?”

Ye Footnotes:

[spoilers, dear]

Footnote 1: The Hobbit of course takes place partially in one of Nuevo Zeeland’s prime tourist attractions – a beautiful sheep farm outside Matamata. Lord o’ the Rings also shot its Hobbiton scenes there, but then struck the sets. People took tours of the beautiful sheep-farm anyway: indeed I would have done so myself four years ago, had things gone a bit differently.
So anyway:
When Mr Jackson and crew went back to rebuild the sets for the Hobbit, this time they built them permanently and will not strike the sets. Which means, I suppose, that tickets for the Hobbiton tour will cost more in the future.

Footnote 2: It seems that Buster the crash-test dummy smacked Grant upside the head earlier this week. So where the heck was Tory Bellici slacking off to? Is it not his function to take one for the team? And have the Mythbusters inadvertently caused the Robot Uprising we’ve all feared these several years now?

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