Will the Vikings save us from the coming zombie apocalypse?

I like ships of all kinds – airships, steamships, cruise ships, you name it – so I read Wooden Boat magazine, among others.

So it was with interest that I noticed that in the current issue – July/August 2011 – the “Around the Yards” section, which is about wooden boats under construction or restoration, mentions mostly Viking longships. Does this mean something?

  • In Tonsberg, Norway, a re-creation of the Oseburg Ship. The original was buried for over a thousand years.
  • Staying in Norway: Over in Haugesund, Dragon Harald Fairhair, the largest modern Viking longship in the modern era, is under construction.
  • Meanwhile, in Anacortes, Washington, F. Jay Smith at Aspoya Boats is building a 56′ Norse ship, a replica and expansion of the Danish Skuldelev 6. This will be used for educational purposes.
  • In Waterford, Ireland, the Waterford Museum of Treasures has commissioned a Viking longship of their own. This one is another Skuldelev 6 replica. Once the hull is completed, the remaining work will be performed in public view under a shelter at the ruined medieval Greyfriars church, all in time for this year’s Tall Ships Race, (which I see, just ended).
  • For something a bit more modern, we take you to San Diego, where the San Diego Maritime Museum is building a replica of explorer Juan Cabrillo’s flagship the San Salvador. This is expected to launch in 2013. You can visit the construction site starting this month.
  • And also in San Diego, this reporter was recently photographed at the wheel of the HMS Surprise. Despite no experience conning anything larger than a kayak, there were no injuries and damage was minimal.
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2 Responses to Will the Vikings save us from the coming zombie apocalypse?

  1. Debbie Baudoin says:

    Dude, can zombies even swim?

    • Patrick Connors says:

      See, I was wondering that myself. And if we’re all on longships and the zombies can’t swim, we’re safe. At least those of us aboard ship.

      And if I’m wrong and we’re not all safe, light up the ship and we’ll get a helluva funeral as we take a few zombies with us.

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