Who Are Hastings, Clayton & Tucker?

During a recent flight, I learned this Important Legal Fact from the inflight magazine:

Barry Manilow is a registered trademark of Hastings, Clayton & Tucker, Inc.

Well. Does this mean that the man – the genius – behind I Write the Songs and Copacabana is a legal fiction? Did he never exist? And if that’s the case, who’s playing the Vegas Hilton?

My guess: The man inside c-3PO: Anthony Daniels. Note the eerie resemblance. And you never, never see Barry Manilow and Anthony Daniels together. Or even Barry Manilow and C-3PO.
And the Vegas Hilton does have a well-known connection to science fiction.

So what’s the real story? We may never know. The shadowy firm of Hastings, Clayton & Tucker, Inc. does not seem to have its own Web site. More details as we get them…

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