The Truth, The Horrible Truth, About The Lives of Writers

by Pat Connors

So there I was, bored and surfing, when bopping from site to site to site, I wound up on the Harlan Ellison Web site.

Which is, I hasten to add, not maintained by Harlan Ellison, but by a fan, and is a damn good site.

There’s a section on that site called “Rants”, which is also not maintained by Harlan Ellison, or as far as I know, even contributed to by Ellison. So I go read it – I mean, what the hell, this guy is volunteering to run a Web site to help Harlan Ellison’s career along just a little bit more, he deserves to rant. It is, after all, his nickel. There on the Rant page is this guest rant that should be required reading for all new writers – or even anybody thinking of becoming a writer.

Go read it.

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