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Tools Never Die

Heard this story on NPR this morning: Kevin Kelly, of Cool Tools, opines that anything we ever invented is still in use somewhere on the planet.  Robert Krulwich worked pretty hard to disprove that notion, and in the end, could … Continue reading

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I know I promised a MonkeyServants cartoon on Friday. I even posted a cell-phone picture of it here. Not the same as actually scanning it, of course. I blame my sinuses. In the meantime, a Car Talk Puzzler, or would … Continue reading

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I voted for human beings

I voted for human beings. I might not agree with them all. Not all of them ran for office with completely noble motives. Every one of them will make mistakes. But they’re all human. No monsters, ogres, zombies or demons. … Continue reading

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Lies, Damned Lies and Politicians

NPR broke a story today on Morning Edition digging into the background of the infamous SB1070 immigration law. I am appalled. One thing is obvious to me: private prisons must go away.

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My Holiday Wish List

I’ve been asked about my holiday wish list. Since many things are online, I’ll post it here: I have a Barnes and Noble wish list. I also have an Amazon wish list. Search Patrick Connors and look for this picture: … Continue reading

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Facebook for Old Farts

Facebook is a very popular social networking application which was written by folks who don’t seem to believe in providing instruction manuals, on the theory that nobody ever reads those anyway.

So this is a quick, unofficial guide that should help you get started.
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Just Curious

I am limited to 50 megabytes of Stuff in a Microsoft Office e-mail account. This causes me to spend a certain percantage of my work week juggling large documents to areas outside the e-mail system. Switching is not an option; … Continue reading

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Zombies Of Portland!

A car full of zombies flipped over on I-84 near Portland last night. No serious injuries, reanimations, Kellis-Amberlee amplifications or deaths occurred. Details here at IO9. Kellis-Amberlee details here (

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Must obtain book, grasshopper

Mix martial arts and a killer sense of humor and what do you get? Fudebakudo: the way of the exploding pen

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Chamomile Tea Party

A voice (and artist) from the center has spoken. Here are the posters from the Chamomile Tea Party, urging cooperation in Washington.

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