What is this?

A bit of meal planning, a bit of fun.

Spin the WHEEL OF DINNER when you don't know what you want to eat. Don't like our random suggestion? Spin again! Choose from common Cuisines or Places.

Surely this is just another advertising site.

While there will be some advertising, the Wheel itself is built entirely of suggestions from people who use the site. We are in the process of generating an initial list of places and cuisines from commonly available sources.

I don't see any place I know.

Try Cuisines for now. The Places list is currently only places we know in a few cities (Phoenix, Seattle, Pittsburgh and Wellington, to be specific). This will change once we have the plumbing and gas lines installed.

How can I add a place or a cuisine?

Click Suggest on the menu above, which will take you to our Suggest a Place page.

Click Contact on the menu above, which will take you to our contact form to suggest a cuisine.